I want to make some new friends in this beautiful city.


Oct 21, 2005
Hi everyone,
I`m new to BA and have been here for 6 weeks.Met people but they have gone home now or travelled on.Want to learn Spanish and have started with a beginners course.Going to buy an apartment here and thinking of pos` living here for some time.Want to meet some people to hang out with and share new experiences,have fun,etc.I´m originaly from the UK and am now living in the Barrio Norte.Be nice if anyone drops me a line.
Hi Richard! I am from the US, living and working in BSAS and am also living in Barrio Norte. Tell me more about yourself? Age, what you're doing here, etc. Would love to hang out sometime. :)

There's a few of us on this site looking to meet up - send a note, or maybe we can organise a dinner out sometime.
Hi Katie,
Thanks for replying to my message.I am 36 years old but don´t really look or act my age(That´s what most people tell me).Although I disagree that you have to become boring past the age of 30!Looking into the possibility of buying unloved neglected apartments one at a time and making them loved again and then selling it on.Started looking at a few and have become a little frustrated with how the whole real estate industry operates.Quick kills and extra percentages seem the order of the day.Not sure wher I stand now.
I have done lots of travelling in the past and lots of different jobs.
Also I´m not sure how socialising works here as most people in places sit around tables with each other making it hard to approach and the idea of going up to a table to say hello with my Spanish of a two year old, in full view and entertainment of everyone is a daunting prospect!Maybe I´m not going to the right places?
Like the city though.Seems quite chilled out.People have been friendly and helpful so far.
I just got here (a week ago). Originally from the UK but spent most of the last 18 months in Asia. I am learning Spanish too.

How about a group dinner? Next Monday?

Oh. I looked at the calender and there was nothing in there. But it looks like the event in there for last thursday is a recurring event (see below) so maybe catch some people there. A dinner might be nice too though so the suggestion for Monday stands.

The Coneccion - monthly party
A monthly party for the purpose of providing a place for visitors, students abroad, and expats to connect together. It's in the Barrio Norte area, at 'The Spot' Ayacucho 1261, last Thursday of the month beginning at 10pm.
Okay where does everyone live? Monday would work for me I think. I'm on Billinghurst so easy reach to Recoleta or Palermo - but there are some great places in Palermo Hollywood or around Plaza Serrano. If you send me your email addresses by note then I'll ut together an email so we can figure this out. I've been in touch with other people from this site, so I can see if their interested too.

I think I just pm'd Richard for this posting, but I'm 29, a web designer, from Vancouver, been here a couple of weeks, staying until March (although I'm now thinking May, lol!)
Thanks syngirl(*), kind of you to organise us unruly folk. I'm in Palermo Viejo, 2 blocks up from Plaza Italia, but pretty happy to meet anywhere sane.


* - please tell me that's your real name, would be awesome :p
Hi, I'm Oliver - from England, 30 years old and living here until Jan. (I'm 3/4 of the way through my sabbatical year from my job organising an arts festival in London) I'd love to come to a dinner next week on Monday. I live in San Telmo, but quite like the travel up to Palermo anyway. I've been here a couple of weeks too - met a few people - but it takes time, I guess? I can't make the dinner on Friday - am going to Festival Bue (Strokes, Kings of Leon etc). Anyone else going? Anyway, I'll stop rambling - my email is [email protected]

Hasta luego,
Ok well no one has sent me their email addresses by PM, I see some of you posted yours, which I suggest erasing if you don't want to end up with an inbox full of spam!

I've taken down those addresses that were posted, but I'd suggest sending a note to me instead. I've also created a new email that you can send a note to me and I'll give you my other address: [email protected]

For Monday night -- I'm a night person so the later the better for me but let me know.

Restaurants: How's your budget? Any vegetarians?

I can suggest a few in the Viejo/Hollywood area:

Bereber (Armenia & Costa Rica)- Morrocan style, fantastic food, expensive for BA (for appy,main,drink,tea it was about $50 pesos a head, about $25 a main or so)

Bar Uriarte (Uriarte & Honduras) - European, pastas, went there last night, nice food, again about $25 a main

Miranda (Fitzroy & Costa Rica) - Parilla (modern), I've only been for lunch, but they had a fantastic deal $14 pesos for a set lunch, so I can check out dinner prices

Places I haven't been to but sound good:
Sudestada (Fitz Roy & Guatemala) - Asian/Thai
Social Paraiso (Hodura & Thames) - Modern
Bar 6 (Armenia & El Salvador) - Any time I've walked by this place it's been full.

Let me know you thoughts or suggestions and I'll send out an email later this week.