Ibero TEFL certificate program


Nov 10, 2009
Happy New Year everyone! I was hoping to find a little guidance here as I need to make a decision quickly as to where to get my TEFL certification as classes start on the 4th. Has anyone had experience with the Ibero Argentina TEFL certification course? It's the cheapest one I've found by about $400USD, so I'm wondering if that says something about the quality of the course...


If anyone has had good/bad experiences with this organization, I would love to hear about it.


Also, Expanish TEFL <http://www.expanishtefl.com/tefl-certificate.php> ...Anyone have experience there?
I can't provide any advice about the links in the previous post, but if anyone planning on "moving" to BA to teach English, please do yourself a favor and do as much research as much as possible to see how others have fared in the same endeavor.

This is an old (2006) link:


The economy was "booming" here in 2006 and inflation was much less than it is today.
I have to say that TEFL courses as far as I'm concerned are a big hoax... i did mine online for about 200 EUR three years ago and that was a big waste of money. I got three teaching positions here in BA without ever having to show any qualifications - and I'm not even a native speaker. Save your money and do something else, that is my advice.
steveinbsas said:
I can't provide any advice about the links in the previous post, but if anyone planning on "moving" to BA to teach English, please do yourself a favor and do as much research as much as possible to see how others have fared in the same endeavor.

I have done a lot of research and talked to many expats and foreigners who are working here as english teachers now. Most say a TEFL certificate is not necessary, but that it will give you an edge in the job hunt and will usually yield higher pay. I also am interested in the certification because I would like to teach in other parts of the world where the certification is expected. Most say that you should expect to start at 20-30 pesos an hour and recieve higher when you build a reputation and tutor privately. This is certainly not a salary for a lucrative lifestyle here in BA, but I lived in the states last year as an AmeriCorps volunteer and managed to live (and live well) on a salary of about $5 USD an hour, in Massachusetts no less.

So I think the ability to live here on that salary is about your expectations and your standard of living. I lived here in BA for 5 months in 2007, perhaps during a more "golden era" when inflation wasn't as high, and don't feel like life here now is dramatically more difficult than it was then.

I would appreciate any relevant input about the institutes I linked to above, if any one can help :)
I have been working teaching EFL in Bs As for 3 years - and yes, the pay is not high, but I can give you some information based on my experiences.
1) More and more institutes are asking for TEFL certification in Bs As.
2) If you want to work in Europe, Korea, Japan or the Middle East - it's an absolute minimum to have.
3) I think it's necessary in order to have some skills to teach well.
4) I have work preparing students for international exams - TOEFL, IELTS, First certificate as a result of having a recognised TEFL - and it pays a lot more - and is more interesting and rewarding.
5) I have no experience with the organisation you asked about (heard nothing good or bad) - BUT - I really recommend doing the Cambridge CELTA as it is the most reputable and internationally recognised TEFL course. It's not the one I did - but I wish I had as many jobs abroad required it, and as a result I needed to do a post grad in TEFL to secure jobs.

So, in summary, sure it's not important which you do for jobs in Bs As right now but if you're looking to do your TEFL as an investment for the future - the Cambridge CELTA will set you up.
Thanks for all the good info. I am starting my research on Tefl and I will also look into these points.
Good Luck. And if you want anymore information - you are most welcome to send me a PM and if I can answer it, I will. I have taught EFL in many countries around the world, and the situation is a little different here as you would expect.

I know the views about teaching here are varied depending on peoples different experiences - and that's cool. And it's important to remember that we all teach here for different reasons; maybe to get a little extra cash, maybe for a new experience , or in my case - it's my profession. So, choices on taking a course or not, or which course, depend on what you want.
I have heard so many things about IBERO TEFL, and not one good. I honestly do not recommend anyone to take their course. They are the only school in Buenos Aires that offers their TEFL program for so cheap and there is a reason for that!! - I spoke with a girl a few months ago who was horrified by her program there and thought it was a complete waste of money.

For a recommendation: I have taken Spanish classes at a school called Expanish downtown, and the classes were excellent. I know that they offer TEFL programs too, and considering their spanish classes, i would imagine their TEFL courses are just as good. You can get to their TEFL site from the Expanish page, or at www.expanishtefl.com
Anyone have any experience with the EBC TEFL training center?


From my internet research it seems like one of the better TEFL training programs, but that might just be them trying to hype themselves up. They do promise that their certification meets British Council requirements and all that jazz. Anyway, my girlfriend and I are registered, and we are going to start our TEFL training there in March.

Does anyone have any first-hand (or even second-hand) experience with EBC?

Thanks in advance!