Ideas to bring something from the US?


Aug 13, 2007
Hello there,

A friend of mine in San Francisco, Bay area, is keeping something for me that I would like to bring down here to BA.
As it is not very small, sending it by mail is quite expensive. It is a component from an audio equipment, a tuner, from 1978.
Do you know of a convenient way of having it delivered? Maybe someone relocating having rented a container or something like that?

Thanks in advance!
I knew an American scientist that had large containers shipped through to him from the port here, it was pretty easy from what he said. I don't know how he did it though.

His equipment was very large, and consisted of sensitive light measuring apparatuses.
Call the freight forwarders here...Transpack is one. They will know who bring down less than container loads.
Thanks. In my case, it is only one item. It would be great if I knew of someone bringing stuff and I can include mine with theirs.
I will keep looking.