Im a newbie!


Jan 10, 2009

My name is Eran, I am 36 years old, born in Sydney, Australia and have lived in the USA, UK, Israel, Egypt, Thailand, India and Greece. I have travelled to 96 countries so far. On February 22nd 2009, I will return to Buenos Aires to live.

I am a native English speaker with 2 years English teaching experience. I graduated from Sydney University with a BA majoring in Government and International Relations in 1993. I am currently completing 120 hours of TEFL certification with eight specialist certificates.

I am interested in teaching English in Buenos Aires. I would love to work for a private bi-lingual English-Spanish school working with grades 1 to 6. I am open to teaching teenagers and adults.

I am also interested in teaching business English for a reputable company or institute.

I am available for private classes as well.

Why chose me as an English teacher?

Firstly, because I am a native English speaker and I am qualified to teach English. I am well spoken and have been told by many non English-speaking people that I am easy to understand.

Secondly, I am knowledgeable on the world and many other subjects such as politics, religion, geography, arts and music.

Thirdly, I am approachable, have a friendly personality, easy to get along with, love to talk, funny, creative and not afraid to go that extra mile to help my fellow student to learn English.

I do have a resume and cover letter ready. References are available on request.

If you know of any jobs available or if would like to contact me, please do so at: [email protected]

I do have previous experience working as a travel and museum guide and I am open to looking for a position as an English Speaking Tour Guide in Buenos Aires.

Thank you for your time.