IMP LEY 25413 - Bank Charges


Apr 8, 2008
Has anyone noticed this being taken from their bank accounts?
What exactly is it? I find its getting bigger and bigger on mine and I onyl see it taken since October, nothing before.
I have raised it with the bank to check but they take ages.
I just noticed it this month - $67 on my corriente account. It had a zero balance for the last 6 months, so I know for sure it's a new charge.
So this is a charge for money moving in and out of the cuenta corriente?? I have a savings account as well but my wages go into the cuenta corriente so I cant avoid it in the whole process... not much I can do about that?

The banks here make me laugh, they make things so complicated. Like my my credit card, why cant I just see a balance of the card? They have to bamboozle you with dates and credits and debits...
I'm not sure I understand this tax the 6 per 1000. So as in the example NPG, the salary goes in to account incurring a tax. Then when he moves the money to savings does it get taxed again?
I've never used my cuenta corriente, it's always had 0 in it, so how come it's being taxed? I'm now in the red on it.
Celia said:
I've never used my cuenta corriente, it's always had 0 in it, so how come it's being taxed? I'm now in the red on it.

Are we talking about two different taxes now? Celia, did you transit money through your account as my example above?

We just got our account open last week after three months! So, I don't know any of these fees/taxes yet.
mini said:
did you transit money through your account?quote]
No, that account has never been touched...I think I will have to ask them next time I go down to the bank.
I was just about to read the websites that steve posted about starting a business in Argentina and while reading the table of contents I found a reference to the banking charges discussed above.

I haven't read it through but I thought you might like to see it:
Click here & then go to page 34. It's a PDF.
Resurrecting and old thread here... can someone simply explain what this law is? We just moved to BA and got our accounts setup. I see amounts being debited from my cuenta corriente and it seems to be 6% per 1000 pesos, based on any debit movement in the account.

Is there a way to avoid this charge?