In the midst of a Crisis Macri picks up daughter from school in a helicopter

I agree that it's totally insensitive to fly your kids to/from school in a helicopter in times like these. I wouldn't use the word immoral but it's totally inappropriate and insensitive when the economy is so bad. Heck even if the economy was good it comes across as insensitive.


Ridiculous maybe the man had a busy day and security think about that concerning where we are now. Get to the chopper! No big deal there are much greater things to be concerned with then petty he took chopper BS! Grow UP!


This is a news because CFK used an official airplane to take Maximo to Hospital and she was very criticized for that.


Helicopters travel is very expensive.
The Olivos mansion should be sold off and the President should live in the Casa Rosada.


I don't think I ever saw anyone here referring to the fact that Kristina was using the presidential airplane Tango1 for years to bring the morning newspapers from Buenos Aires to Calafate simply because she didn't like reading morning news on the internet.
Not to mention shopping jaunts to Europe.


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Seriously guys, ( i know the pres is not very popular)but picture yourself being the president, how would you pick up your kid from school? on foot?
I am sure that most of the kids at that school get picked up by their drivers and wouldn't be surprised if a large number of those vehicles are armored....
Lol this is Argentina, not Mexico or the USA. The President himself doesn't even have a serious security detail and walks through the street past normal people all the time. It would be highly suspect if his kids were picked up in an armoured car when he himself is not subject to such high security.