independent designers / dress recommendations


Jun 6, 2006
I was wondering if anyone could recommend any local dress shops. I'm especially interested in any independent designers/smaller boutiques.
I'm looking for a dress for a semi-formal event I've got in a couple of weeks but I want something pretty, feminine, maybe a bit bohemian (thinking of Jigsaw in the UK) and not horrendously expensive. Everything I've found here is either super formal, cocktail/wedding-esque or created with a street-walker in mind.
Anyone found anything worth recommending?
I am a guy, and I dont cross dress- so I cant speak from direct experience, but I really like Martin Churba, whose store is called Tramando
and his ex-partner, Jessica Trosman, who has several local stores-

both are pretty cutting edge, and well respected internationally.
trosman is fine but pretty expensive. not to say that some of my suggestions aren't pricey but they vary.

i exported clothes from the BA fashion week about 5 years ago and know quite a lot about young independent designers on the scene.

my personal favourites are the following:
kukla, only one branch on cervino (my english friend fell in love with a dress from here and bought it)
lupe in palermo viejo
maria cher, also in palermo viejo and in some select 'shoppings'
also in palermo viejo, cora groppo
ay not dead (one of my personal faves)
jazmin chebar (these last 5 are all on the same 2 blocks in palermo viejo)
and lastly, ayres

they've all got pretty comprehensive lookbooks of their current autumn/winter collections so you can get a proper feel of their style.

let me know how it goes!
I just found a great pair of boots at a tiny shop on Corrientes 2609 called Ana Acosta. The store was filled to the brim with fun, modern dresses and the prices seemed reasonable. I have no idea what designers they sell, but the employee told me that they only carried original designs. If that's actually the case I don't know but I was very impressed by the price and quality of my boots, so I imagine the dresses would be the same. As a bonus, the employees were very friendly and helpful, which isn't something you see here too much. Good luck with your search!
Sorry I forgot to say there is a Balenciaga Boutique (Nicolas Ghesquiere) in South America , however you ll need to fly to Sao Paulo..