Inflation 2009


Oct 18, 2009
Once again INDEC’s inflation rate is very different from private consultants. The agency claims that during 2009, it was 7.7%, while unofficial studies estimate it reached 15%.

According to the official agency, retail prices rose to 0.9% in December, at a rate slightly higher than in October and November. The figure, however, is far from the calculations of private

Meanwhile, wholesale prices rose 1% during December compared to November, and rounded up to 10% in the year. The cost of building increased by 0.3% last month and the year was up 10.8 percent.Consumer prices increased 0.9% in December over the previous month while the early rate is below government forecasts of 8%.

The difference becomes even more evident when comparing the cumulative inflation in the three years that INDEC has been intervened.

For INDEC prices only increased by 25.26% since December 2006 whereas for increase reached 58.3%.

I tend to believe Abeceb. Prices at the grocery store change day to day, some products such as Actimel by Danone have increased by 15%, Skim Milk by Ser 15%, Apples 20% to name a few...

Anyone else notice steep price increases?
I own a store that sells many commonly purchased items, so I see the price increases as the goods are billed and delivered. Within the 7 months that I have been open, goods that I buy have increased approximately 20% across the board. However of course I can't raise my prices each and every time the providers I buy from do.

I'll call this "Bon o bon" economics (for lack of a better title)

Bon o Bon chocolate candy
06/01/2009 - Wholesale Price - $0,49 per unit - sale price (to public) $0,75
09/01/2009 - Wholesale Price - $0,55 per unit - sale price (to public) $0,75
10/01/2009 - Wholesale Price - $0,58 per unit - sale price (to public) $0,85
12/20/2009 - Wholesale Price - $0,63 per unit - sale price (to public) $0,85
As of Today 01/16/10 - Wholesale Price - $0,63 per unit - sale price (to public) $0,85

I don't know if INDEC is measuring wholesale prices, or retail or is just generalizing, but as you can see in 7 months this 1 item has risen in price 28%

This is a REAL life example, inflation is alive and well in Argentina. I guess we have to learn to live with it if we want to be here.