Information on Olivos suburb

Hello fishface!
I must confess that I'm rather uncomfortable with calling you "fishface". :))
Carlos Villate is a nice area. It's the street where the Presidential Residence is located. The two blocks from Villate to Corrientes, between Maipu and Libertador are very nice. However, the area is basically free of apartment buildings. I used to live on Catamarca, corner of Marconi, one block away from Carlos Villate. Five blocks from Olivos train station. Very nice.
If you want to walk around the area, I will be only to happy to help. As I am between jobs right now, I have the time.
Just let me know.
I dont recommend the Olivos area too far from La Capital. and not much culture.If you want to live in a gated community like everyone else try Nordeste
You probably mean "Nordelta", which is miles further away from town than Olivos and completely inaccessible without a car. Plese try not to confuse people.
My wife is from the Vicente Lopez area and it's just as nice as Olivos....maybe better. If you choose a location not far from the train line you will have about a 15 to 20 minute ride to the city. It's all SOOO close!
Both V.Lopez and Olivos are full of older historical homes just waiting to be remodeled!
There are also lots of new apartment towers with lots of units to sell. Some are finnished and ready to move in, while another I know is in the "Fideicomiso" stage. (you invest in a project about 18 months from finnish at a lower price per sq.meter).
If you look at the map, look for the "Puerto de Olivos"...and just up from that port there are "hundreds" of brand new apartments. I just went there the other day with some Americans and there are lots of units in different buildings. My brother in laws lived there for years and it's a nice area. The Olivos train station is right there...(I didn't however, like the "scummy" looking people hanging out at that staition), but you have lots of trees and local neighborhood stores for everyday life.
If I were spending the money, I would go a little more towards Vicente has some beautiful streets, huge trees, lots of older big homes and you will find a lot of the more "traditional" Argentine families there. Like I mentioned, my wife is from that area...she lived just 5 doors down from the house of Peron on the street of Gaspar Campos. I just really like the "downtown" area of that nieghborhood...some good stores, nice cafe, and a "safer" looking train stop.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions, Paul, [email protected]