Information on Olivos suburb


Oct 17, 2005
I have found a number of apartments in the Olivos suburb that apeal to me. As much as they can from the internet. Does anyone have any opinions on that area? I'd like to hear them. Also has anyone had any dealings with Reynolds Properties?

Olivos is a lovely suburb. My boyfriend's family lives there. Just be aware that being there places you somewhat outside of the bustle of Capital. I don't know if that matters to you.
Olivos is very nice if you want to be on the edge of the city, able to have a bit of peace and quiet but still near enough to access the city. Very nice area.

Also, I've had some dealings with Reynolds. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you would like to know more.

Being out of the bustle sounds like what I'm looking for. Should be a little quieter. I should be able to get some work done. But it is still close enough for late evenings. I take it there is good taxi service in Olivos?

If you live in Olivos, you'll probably be using a remise service rather than taxis. And I think there are quite a few of those. I'll ask my boyfriend which ones he and his family normally use and let you know.
Yes Olivos has some perfectly good neighborhoods to live. You will be relatively close to Genaral Pas to go by freeway just about anywhere. BUT, try to chose wisely the exact place you live....some streets could have lots of problems with security while others are just fine. Look for the little security cabins you see everywhere.....ask people who live in that area....dont rely on the realtors opinions. When you go to see an apartment, look around and look for the opportunity to talk with someone who lives there. My wife was from Olivos....I like the area from Libertador to Maipu.....beware of the industrial areas....and stay far from Urzal....lots of "villas". You will benefit most by staying closer to Libertador since you can also take the train to either Capital or Tigre. Just if your interested....Martinez and San Isidro are to me, even nicer and all easilly accesible by the train. Many Americans live around there since the Lincoln school is nearby. I know a lot about the area all the way to Pilar, so if you have more questions you can write [email protected]

Good luck!
"Fishface" said:
Hi, does anyone have a list of links for online realtors for Olivos?
Check out multiple listing services, most notably TopInmobiliario. Search for a house in Buenos Aires Province, GBA Norte, Olivos. Information about real estate agency that sells the house is also listed there.
Hello! I have lived in Olivos all my life (I am 43). My seggestion is: find an apartment which is not located on Av. Maipu or Libertador (too noisy, too many strangers to the neighbourhood around), located between Av. Maipu and Libertador, and between , Corrientes and Moreno street. Please avoid Paraná street. (I live on Paraná). Since the tunnel under the railroad was built, we are in hell!). Paraná is the only street in the neighbourhood which unites Libertador and Panamericana without having to cross the railways. It used to be a perfectly quiet street, now there's cars and noise everywhere.
If you so wish, I can walk you around the area. One real estate operator I can very strongly recommend, is Mr. Gonzalo Rodrigo, owner of "Housing", located at the corner of Rawson and Díaz Vélez, a few yards away from "La Lucila" station. He has been in the same location for the past 40-odd years. You can trust him. He has helped me in the past, with a serious issue. He didn't have to get involved. He is the kind of person who will go the extra mile to help you.