International Meetup at the Espacio Bitcoin Centro Cultural


Jun 6, 2022
Hello everyone! My name is Jonas, i am a 26yo Norwegian guy who recently moved to Buenos Aires. Currently i am volunteering at the Espacio Bitcoin Centro Cultural, and i would like to invite all of you to our meetup the coming week. I hope it is okay that i share the event with you here.

Espacio Bitcoin is a cultural centre dedicated to technology, art, environmentalism and social inclusion. We frequently arrange meetings and workshops, and invite people who have a passion for these topics to join our collaborative spirit.

On the 14th of June we invite all internationals living in Buenos Aires to Espacio Bitcoin Cultural Centre for a social event. There will be food, beer and networking. We will also give a short introduction to what Espacio Bitcoin Cultural Centre is, and the activities that are held here.

Disclaimer: It is not necessary to have any interest in blockchain or cryptocurrencies to participate !

Saludos !