International Personal and Business Coaching Week


International Personal and Business Coaching Week
February 5-11, 2006
As a new year begins, many individuals resolve to make significant changes in their professional and personal lives. Those resolutions can be hard to keep, so to stay on track business owners, executives and ordinary individuals are hiring coaches to help them lead extraordinary lives.
The coaching profession grew out of the self-development self-help movements of the 60s and 70s. Coaching is the answer for everyday heroes needing support in their quest to be successful in life. Coaching facilitates self-improvement and personal development by supporting the individual to gain the skills and tools to uncover the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving personal and professional goals.
The 7th annual International Personal and Business Coaching Week is from February 5-11, 2006. The week is devoted to educating the public on the benefits of the coaching process and the value that coaching can bring and has brought into clients lives. Throughout the week, coaches and their clients will acknowledge the results made through the coaching process and share their progress with others interested in learning more about coaching. Coaches throughout the world will be offering workshops, lectures and free coaching sessions.
Coach Tracy will be offering free no-obligation 50 minute coaching sample sessions from February 5-28.
For additional information visit or contact Tracy Tuplin at or 4786-8336.