International school vacancies


Aug 10, 2008
Hi there,
I am a British qualified primary school teacher looking for a position in an international school in Buenos Aires. Was wondering if anyone knew of any positions or where these jobs are advertised. I am aware of all the bilingual schools in BA but none seem to advertise jobs.
Thanks and look forward to hearing from you
Not only the Buenos Aires Herald on Sunday, but La Nacion advertises
positions. Some advertisements are in
English. The schools are on the Spring Semester. The new year will start in Feb.
Thank you, really been struggling to find anything. I will look there
Hi, are you still in Argentina? We are very interested about getting in touch. Please let me know!!!! Marina Evans
I know of only TWO international schools in the area, both in Zona Norte. Lincoln is one; the other an evangelical Christian school. Both have an American style curriculum. Bilingual schools used to be called British schools. The top ones hire a few teachers from abroad, mainly from the UK. There are only a few like St Andrews that do this, so why not just write them? Ads that appear in La Nacion seldom apply to non Argentines. They will be looking for teachers qualified in Argentina. If you are qualified in the UK, you will NOT be qualified in Argentina so you will teach "on the English side" which means that you will not be teaching officially recognised subjects. Bilingual schools must satisfy state requirements by teaching state mandated subjects. The English side of the curriculum does not get state recognition. That's why the private school day goes from 8 AM to 4 or 5 PM whereas Argentine schools are either in the morning, afternoon or sometimes in the evening.
You can go to their website and see if they are hiring and also just in case send your resume
AlfajorEfi said:
You don't need international school, just look at any private school, especially in Pilar, there are more than 20 such schools where they need English teachers.

These schools are not language schools. They teach a full range of subjects such as history, sciences, maths etc in English. Students are supposed to come with reasonable fluency. The schools that hire foreign (they prefer British) teachers are more likely to want teachers familiar with IGCSE courses.