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Jul 20, 2009
My name is David, I'm from New Zealand, and been living here on and off (usually dont stay around in winter - I cant handle the cold) since January 2007. Have mostly been in BSAS, but also lived near San Rafael for a while and stayed first winter i was here in Salta area.
Hi, I'm veronica and Ive just signed up to this forum. I was interested in meeting british people since I lived in uk 3 years and still miss it there. I got a bit lost reading so many posts here, many of them interesting but i dont think i have the patience so answer so much stuff.
Anyway, you all have fun here!
Hello, My name is Pamela, and my family is moving to Buenos Aires. My son is named Grayson and he is two and a half yrs old. My husband is William and he has just secured a 230 square mile drill sight in the farthest south point of Argentina, before Tiera del Fuego. Would love to meet families with small children. [email protected] We will be in Recoleta
Hi Dave,
I have been living overseas now for some time (Brasil, Turkey, Curacao), but only recently (1 yr.) have I moved to Bs.As. and plan to stay a while. I am planning a trip to NZ this coming Dec./Jan. and would love to gather some info. from you not only on NZ but also Salta if possible. I've been to San Rafael, so I don't want to appear to be leaving it out for any particular reason. It was a beautiful and fun little city with some interesting street dogs. So, if you can fill me in on some must see but not so touristic places in NZ and Salta that would be great.
Hi Cheri,
NZ: I havent lived there for years, but a couple of years ago me and a friends went for a drive around the south island, planned on doing it in 2 weeks, took us 2 1/2 months. There is heaps of out doors stuff to do, hiking, camping etc during summer.. I really like Able Tasman national park, as you can hike/walk along beaches, swim, and camp. Queenstown area is good for extreme sports. Lots of hiking and camping everywhere. There are bike trails that run along old railway tracks. There are heaps of places to get the info, tourist offices in the towns, tourism nz website and also DoC (department of Conservation) for hiking/camping. Also check out lonely planets book on NZ.
As for Salta, i stayed in city for around 2 weeks - from what i remember it was cheap and easy to get around, and then went to jujuy province and the small towns for hiking.
cjg said:
... and would love to gather some info. ... but also Salta if possible.
In Salta, which I know as a very pleasant small town, I can recommend 3-star Hotel Mar Charbel, very nice with friendly staff (Spanish only), where I have stayed 3 times.

Prices have been as follows (per person): AR$ 90 (2008.11) 80 (2008.05) 70 (2007.08) - reduction if 3 or 4 in one room,

It is located on a corner with some street noise, busses to some extent, but mostly the parking chap with his whistle, 1 block from San Martín and 2 resp. 3 blocks from the two pedestrian streets, the main shopping area.
If you are staying at Mar Charbel, make sure to get one of the corner rooms with a long balcony.

I also recommend the restaurant in Hotel Salta on a corner of Plaza 9 de Julio, resturant a few meter down the side street - best meat I have ever had, fit to be eaten by a spoon.

Make sure to make an excursion to the 'Tren a las Nubes' - and make sure your driver has at least two spare tires, rough (and very dusty) road. Viaducto la Polvorilla at 4,200 m above sea level is an interesting structure, one of the highest positioned train viaducts in the world.

My notes say that San Antonio de los Cobres village is worth exactly one visit per life time. If you go there and the begging children are bothering you, stretch out a hand and ask "¿tienes una moneda para mí?" - makes the little buggers laugh.

IMO Jujuy is a boring town, but your experience may be different.

BTW: Expect a strict drug control (luggage check and sniffing dogs), when you pass the carabiñeros post on your way from Salta.