Introducing Myself As A New Member


Aug 9, 2015
Hi All,

I would like to introduce myself to all on this Forum. For some time off and on over the past few years I have been lurking on this site but feel now I should come out from the shadows and participate as a member of this online community. As a touristo who owns property and spends most of my time living in BA I have come to understand the pleasures and difficulties of life in Argentina. My closest of friends live in Argentina and as they say home is where the heart is so I am an emotional captive of this country. I first came in 2009 and ended up buying my first apartment / townhouse in 2010. Two years ago I bought again another new apartment which I live in and I now rent out my first apartment. I do not have a local bank account and given the foreign reporting requirements of bank accounts back home I have decided deliberately not to open a local bank account. Because I travel at least every 10 weeks out of the country bringing money with me into the country is the easiest way for me to manage. For the odd occasion I need extra funds in BA I use one of the international money transfer services that gives me a rate between the official and blue rate. I earn my money offshore and have it paid into my overseas residency bank account. So life is OK. Working within the system and keeping clear of the pitfalls I have a good life while not being affected too much by the local economic problems. If I weren't living able to live off $US I don't think I would be able to live the kind of life I am accustomed too. I don't understand how those who live off a Peso income do it. I really don't.

I am dealing with a current issue of straightening out my property tax situation. Yes, I was not told of the property tax when I purchased both my properties and I am bracing myself for the taxes and fines that I may have to pay. Not advising foreign buyers of this tax by realtors is one of the moral irregularity that I have had to accept. By moral irregularity I mean down right dishonesty. That said I can't complain because I do enjoy the morning coffee, afternoon mate and my friends, and it is the value of my friends that I can not put a price on.

So here I am. Now a member of the Forum.

Regards All,