Introducing Myself

Aylla Marie

Aug 2, 2015

My name is Aylla and I have just accepted a position with my company down in BA. I currently live in New York City and will be transfered to BA in December. I am so excited to start a new life for myself down there and am so anxious about leaving the familiar. I have a million things to learn about BA and would love any suggestions about anything (literally). I hope to meet lots of new people in Argentina and I thought this would be a good place to start. I work in financial services, I love working out (esp running and bikram yoga), and love to explore new places. Thank you in advance for answering any of my thousands of questions I will have the next few months and I am very excited to speak to many of you.

Welcome to Argentina and I hope you love it here as I do. Have you been here before? I'm from California myself and came here back in March and then returned in May. Bring shorts when arriving because it will be hot and muggy here around that time (I've been told). Bet you will love getting away from New York's winters.

Welcome and best wishes here.

Hi there, Aylla,

Welcome to the forum. This forum was very handy for my boyfriend and I before arriving to BA almost 2 years ago. We're from Texas, but I worked in NYC for two years. I hope you have an awesome time exploring what BA and Argentina have to offer. It is a beautiful country to explore when you have time to break away from the city.

Regarding yoga, several friends have had no problem finding the yoga studios they go to.

I hope your journey is an awesome one, too.