introduction and question


Apr 29, 2006
Bill and Fran are expats living in Mexico for 8 years; we are planning a long trip to BA and hope to meet other expats there. We have a lead on an apartment in Belgrano for the month of October and are wondering what people think about this area - is it convenient and suitable for first-time visitors?
Welcome to the site! Belgrano is a bit far away from downtown (20 minutes taxi ride, there is also a subway), but otherwise a very good choice.
I live in Belgrano it is a very nice neighborhood, I don't think that the distance from downtown is relevant but I do think that it is more like a 30-35 miniute taxi ride from most parts of Belgrano to downtown. The D subway line has some stops on the Cabildo Avenue and I myself prefer taking the subway since it's more economical and faster during rush hours than taxis and busses, the downside to it is that findind a seat on it isn't exactly fácil.Belgrano isn't ideal for most young tourists that are coming here for 1-6 weeks since there are very few popular nightclubs in this neighborhood, although getting to and from locations within the city at night with taxis isn't too timeconsuming, dificult, risky or expensive.
thanks to Igor and Elpanada for your replies. We are both retired and not big late-night partyers. It is sounding like Belgrano might work for us. We're more interested in nice sidewalk cafes, movies, good places to eat...and feel comfortable commuting by subway. Are there any expat hangouts in the Belgrano/Palermo area where we might meet others like us?