Introduction from Dave Partington


Hi, Im a 36 year old Scotsman, just arrived in BA this Tuesday. I already speak some Spanish and my objective is to spend 3 or 4 months here in BA and around Argentina basically working on my Spanish to try and begin to approach some sort of fluency. Currently looking for a Spanish school, think Ive found one to start with.
Also looking - ideally - for a room in an apartment, preferably somewhere quiet like Belgrano and must have internet access. Any advice appreciated !
cheers, David


Most of Belgrano isn't too quiet, it's most quiet part that I know of is around Echeveria 3200 and there.


Dave, see my announcement on the home page - top right - for apartment for rent. It is totally quiet, has not only high speed internet access but also a computer. The apartment has been improved since the photos were taken. Contact me if you have questions.