Is anyone out there...


Mar 9, 2006
I have been looking to find a socal group to join here in BA. Can not seem to find a phone number of any womens groups or clubs and no one seems to answer my e-mail. The web site offers no social calendar that I can find or any phone number contacts. What to do?
Would love to make contact with others. I now live here in the Recoleta Area and am feeling a little lonely.
Judithe Nicolai
[email protected]
Sorry that no one has responded and hope that this will at least assure you that someone is listening. I recommend groups such as the following they are informal get togthers to practice either english or spanish and is a good way to meet expats and locals. There is also the American Club of BA the Argentine British Community holds a flea market and bake sale on the grounds of the British Embassy Residence on March 25 for more information you can call 4315-2155 Another avenue might be taking a Spanish class where there are lots of expats, the University of BA is now enrolling for the fall classes and offers a Spanish for Foreigners class in many different locations around town, or there are many private schools as well. I hope this provides some assistance to you.SAM
There is a University Women's Club that has regular meetings. They always have an announcement in the Day by Day section of the Herald. This is an English language group. For Spanish speakers, there is the Asociacion de Mujeres Universitarias. Maybe you should google these. Also read the Herald on a daily basis,
Though there is nothing formally organized, the Malba Restaurant specially the terrace on Saturdays and Sundays seems an American Club. Hanging out several weekends might facilitate the contact with other americans. me myself have lunch there quite often and I hear more english than spanish. Who knows? Sometimes friendships arise from unexpected circumstances or from casual chat...
I remember when I heard another argentine voice in USA I would look around say the whole whole foods (an organic supermarket), Banana Rep. just to say Hi, some would have buena onda, some would be terribly snappy(the first day I felt like crying three days on a row then nothing), but I always tried to enlarge my circle by trying to meet new people. Then I realized that some were not my type and that being back here I wouldn't have bothered to meet because we didn't share interests or because they were not my type or because whatever but I never stayed still. I think that you have a great advantage over me with so MANY gringos. no excuses to feel lonely. When I heard ARGENTINO i felt excited! Mind you that for the average american I was Brazilian, Chilenean, or any other southamerican country citizen (do they teach geography in the usa?) Just joking..........
I hear gringo on every street. I'm afraid of losing our national language:)
But believe me, keep going out, and don't be afraid of introducing yourself, some people will behave like "forros""(sorry I'm terribly bad spoken, I am always censored when I dine out with older people), but you have to give the first step. It takes courage. After the first "caraculico", things will get smoother.
P.S: If you enjoy sports, jogging or so on, I normally go running with my cocker spaniel on saturdays and sundays who is terribly fit and an excellent guardian so that is excelent excercise. Maybe this won't encourage you but I have been robbed under the bridge that is just beside Rosedal where FA gives a little turn so going in groups would be safer. Anyways whenever I get there I always wait for a big group to get pass under the bridge.there are small children aged 8-12 that wait above the rails of the train and when a loner and absent minded as me passes puffff!!! they take profit of the occassion so all of you running along Figueroa Alcorta be aware
Have you ever come to our meetings. There are a lot of friends here and Chris and Igor have made great efforts to start this place to make friends.
Join us for our end of the year party. I am sure you will meet many interesting women.