Is Argentina not letting its own citizens back into the country now?


Borders have been closed EVEN TO ARGENTINES now. I don't see how that's legal but there you go..
my understanding is that they stopped repatriation flights.
If an Argentine citizen manages to reach Argentine border via some other route (e.g. yacht) then he will not be turned away at the border.


Unfortunately this is very true. They've cancelled the return flight of an Argentinean close friend two weeks ago and he's been stranded in Mexico since. He was on a long prioritization list to repatriate but the president took the decision to take even more strict measures and stopped all flights since the co-vid situation began to get a lot worse. It is quite sad as he is there alone, over 60, and doesn't even know when he can get back home.


Do you have any official links to that ventanilla? It's very worrying.
The repatriation flights should only be suspended temporarily, more info to follow in the next few days, according to this article, below.

"La decisión de no traer más argentinos fue para darnos tiempo para que no entre el virus...las próximas repatriaciones seguramente van a ser más espaciadas....Le pedimos a los argentinos varados en lugares difíciles que se acerquen a lugares donde Aerolíneas tiene base, como Brasil, Chile y Miami. Hay que tener paciencia, la repatriación no va a ser instantánea", advirtió."