Is Donald Trump The Next U.s. President ?

D.B. Cooper

After the last debate Donald Trump appears to be leading the polls in the Republican camp.
His campaign slogan "Make America (i.e. USA) Great Again" comes across as naive, pandering and simplistic.
Wants to build a wall along the US / Mexico border and has made disparaging remarks about women.
He has a way of putting his foot in his mouth, just about every time he opens it.

He said that if he doesn't become the Republican nominee he might run as an independent.
And he has the money to do it. This will surely hand the next four years to the Democrats.
Whatever happens It should be interesting.


In my opinion Trump will not be the next US president. At the moment people find him entertaining for his frank talk. When the time comes to get serious, the electorate will look elsewhere.

I can't help but wonder if Trump is an ally of the Clintons (as he used to be). What better way to ensure Clinton gets elected than to alienate Latinos and women while he's a republican candidate? Then at the last minute, run as an independent to pull hard core supporters out of the Republican party. It's a brilliant strategy and the Clintons are capable of anything.


Nope but he's pretty much going to pave the way for Hillary to walk to the white house.

I'm loving it. The guy is great. The debate was great. Reality tv politics doesn't get any better than this.


I've had a theory that The Donald is actually a plant for Billary for awhile, and it seems the call he had with Bill before announcing might bring some credibility to this idea.

I still think he's an arrogant asshole, but my inner machiavelli is saying to embrace the consequentialism of whatever gives the Dems the White House.

(yes, I know, they're only different sides of the same coin on many issues, and I'm to the left of most democrats, and I don't like Hillary because I'm against hereditary politics, but I'll take the lesser of two evils at this point)