Is Donald Trump The Next U.s. President ?


After the last debate Donald Trump appears to be leading the polls in the Republican camp.
His campaign slogan "Make America (i.e. USA) Great Again" comes across as naive, pandering and simplistic.
Wants to build a wall along the US / Mexico border and has made disparaging remarks about women.
He has a way of putting his foot in his mouth, just about every time he opens it.

He said that if he doesn't become the Republican nominee he might run as an independent.
And he has the money to do it. This will surely hand the next four years to the Democrats.
Whatever happens It should be interesting.
We know the answer to the question and can expect seeing President Trump with his foot in his mouth often.

Only 112,000 voters gave us President Trump. 43% of registered voters did not vote.

Voters have no one to blame but themselves.


He has gotten the country motivated to do something. He can't handle the fact that the Women's March on DC drew 2.6M around the world.


President Donald Duck - AP Interview transcript
This guy can't form a clear sentence yet he's the most powerful person in the world. He didn't know being president would be such a big job, but he still manages to get away every weekend to Mar-a-Lago for a golf game.




Our democracy needs you - now more than ever.
Yesterday, President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

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