Is there a way to get USD in BA?


Your (intelligent) post proves that you know the country very well.

So, I agree with most of what you write. Nevertheless, it looks a bit like you're trying to convince yourself that by giving a salary of 500 usd to your Argentine employees, you are a good, kind employer. Outside of the Gran Buenos Aires, it might almost be the case...but, anyway, it's not enough, I'm sorry to say.
I have Argentine friends who, unfortunately for them, being honest, survive on salaries of 500 usd per month, and it's not dignified, it's not a real life. Simply put, one needs a salary of 800 usd minimum to have the beginning of a productive good life here.
My employees are in regional Argentina :) The wages in my sector are strictly regulated by labour unions and at the highest end of the scale between 50-80k depending on the role and contract type. These are excellent salaries for non-managerial service sector employees in Argentina. You can certainly live off these amounts outside of CABA which is why so many people want to work in my sector and it is hard to get jobs in. It is the reality of Argentina - one can always compare to London and earn GBP19k per year before tax and deductions in a similar job and spend 60% of that on accommodation in zone 5...


Thanks for the info everyone, in the end the owner came back with a crazy price in pesos (double what I'd be paying for anywhere else in Euros on airbnb), so I'll search for something more reasonably priced.