Is there an Apple (ipod) store in Buenos Aires?


Aug 29, 2006
I am looking for the latest colored 1GB shuffle ipod, is there an APPLE ipod store in BsAs?
Guys-The ONLY Apple licensed store in all of Latin America, in fact, is on Ayacucho (entre Santa Fe y Arenales).
I believe there is a new Apple store at Unicenter (BA's mall on the Panamericana highway) that will open or has already.
There is a store that calls itself the Ipod Store in Las Canitas, so I would have to assume it is selling Ipods :)
I'm sorry, I can't remember the name of the street off hand, but if you go to Solar de la Abadia, it is just around the corner -- beside the Natural Deli (so around the corner from the end of the mall that has Paula Cahen d'Anvers, not the one that has MacDonald's)
Thanks syngirl. I know about the one in Las Canitas, it is only an ipod (among other things) accessory store. I believe the closest one that would count as an APPLE store would be the one in UNICENTER. Thank you everyone.
Apple centre at Unicentre, Martinez is now open. Saw it saturday. Very nice it looks too!
And the prices.... WOW indeed!
I guess because of the IVA, import fees, profit margin, overhead and others fees tacked on the "original price" and also having the selling priced marked in pesos (x3 to a dollar) makes the cost - way out there!
Conclusion : I will do my ipod shopping this summer in the US, that's for sure.