Is there an Apple (ipod) store in Buenos Aires?

There is a store that calls itself the Ipod Store in Las Canitas, so I would have to assume it is selling Ipods :)
I'm sorry, I can't remember the name of the street off hand, but if you go to Solar de la Abadia, it is just around the corner -- beside the Natural Deli (so around the corner from the end of the mall that has Paula Cahen d'Anvers, not the one that has MacDonald's)
Thanks syngirl. I know about the one in Las Canitas, it is only an ipod (among other things) accessory store. I believe the closest one that would count as an APPLE store would be the one in UNICENTER. Thank you everyone.
And the prices.... WOW indeed!
I guess because of the IVA, import fees, profit margin, overhead and others fees tacked on the "original price" and also having the selling priced marked in pesos (x3 to a dollar) makes the cost - way out there!
Conclusion : I will do my ipod shopping this summer in the US, that's for sure.