It Takes Two to Tango


It Takes Two to Tango

Tango could be given protected status by Unesco,
the UN cultural heritage organisation, later this year

- The Independent (Original article) -It Takes Two (Arg. & Uru.) to Tango-

"In Britain, a boom in the number of people taking up the tango has seen clubs springing up from Totnes to Tayside, with thousands of men and women locking into passionate embrace to the often plaintive music..."

Pagina12 (article by Andrew Johnson) -“Hoy Buenos Aires es la Meca”-

En clubes de toda Gran Bretaña se juntan pequeñas multitudes a ensayar cortes y quebradas. “Hay milongas cada noche de la semana, y hay tango en todo el país: es algo realmente grande”, dice Paul Bottomer, bailarín profesional y profesor.