Jazzclubs listings...


Jul 23, 2009
Hello, I just arrived here and I am interested in finding some good jazz clubs in BsAs. Are there anyone that knows of any? Of cource I am interested in those smoky cellar clubs but anything would do just fine, professional/amateur or jams. I allready know of one called Thelonius and one in San Telmo called Jazz Club. Thanks! L
There's also Notorious at Callao 966. Pretty cool, small, with good food. Notorious also has several music stores throughout the city.

I'd post the official website, but my browser tells me it is a "dangerous" website that has been reported as attacking computers, so, por las dudas, I'll post this link instead: http://www.adondevamos.com/bares/Notorious/253/?js=0
I agree with Katie, Notorious is worth checking out, it's intimate, "pretty cool" and usually has a nice crowd except to me the food is mediocre, I usually get dessert there.

Another place to try is Lapenadelcolorado.com.ar near Thelonious at Guemes 3657, also small but with a more "folksy" feel.
Jazz & Pop
Parana 340 near Corrientes
Tel 4372 2302
live jazz every night of the week. Opens at 21,30 hs. but things get going later. Jam sessiones. It's downstairs and smokefree. Cover 20-30 pesos

The city's annual Jazz Festival is December 3-8.
I'd recommend Uniclub bar on Wednesday nights. They have amazing 12 piece cuban/latin bands playing and cheap beer.