Job and Rugby


Dec 27, 2009
Hey everyone,

I am moving to Buenos Ares in February for around 6 months. The plan is to work there and hopefully do some traveling around Argentina after. Does anyone know if it would be possible to get a 6 month contract for teaching English ? I am also open to bar or cafe work.

I am also looking to play rugby whilst I am there. Can anyone recommend any good and welcoming rugby clubs that play at a decent level?

You will have no trouble getting teaching work for 6 months here. Most advertisements on Craigslist state "must be in Bs As for at least 3 months"
And, I have a couple of friends here in Bs As that play in local rugby clubs, if you want to send me a private message I can send you their details,
hey marc
i am an irish expat in BA and looking to join a club in the coming weeks. have you had any luck finding a club to play with?
i am living in the northern suburbs and i am looking at clubs in that area.
let me know if you have found a place to play.
also if you are interested in meeting to watch the 6nations next weekend, maybe you can suggest a decent pub.
Hi guys...
Just got to BA and looking for a serious social side to run with. If that makes sense. Please point me in any direction you thinkk might be helpful. I'm living in san telmo, fyi. Thanks for any help!