Job offer in Nunez - where to live?

Viajero Mike

Look if u r going to work in Nunez then u should live there. Take the subte on the weekends when u go out. The rents will be much cheaper there plus u will be getting more for ur money. Convience convience convience.....LIVE NEAR UR JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hmmmm, first of all, Nuñez in Libertador is not the same as Nuñez in Cabildo, in theory libertador is more expensive to live in that Cabildo, regardless the fact that you are talking about the same area. Also, if you consider Nuñez from Cabildo on westwards it will be cheaper (although uglier and a bit more isolated). On Libertador you dont have the subway and if im not wrong there´s only 2 or 3 bus lines that pass through (i think 130, 15 and maybe 29). In Cabildo you have the subway and many bus lines. The distance between the closest subway station in cabildo and libertador and larralde is like 20 blocks.
So, if you choose to live near your workplace, it may be a bit more expensive but will be more conveniant for you in terms of goind to work everyday. When you want to go out it will be a bit uncomfortable transportation wise.
If you go near cabildo, it will be a bit cheaper and very conveniant to move around BA but every day when you go to work it may be a pain (i guess riding a bike to work would definately mittigate this problem, 20 blocks by bike are totally doable :p )

Just my 2 cents here and keep in mind it´s mostly based on guestimations and general info. For instance, you can find expensive places near cabildo as well (probably cheap places near libertador would not be as easy to find)



Hello Anna, Welcome.

Im sending you a private message with the contact details of 2 girls that are looking for a roommate.

Good luck,