Job Offer. Question on Salary / Cost of Living


Feb 28, 2008
Having just had an offer of employment in BA I have lots of questions. My potential employer has obviously given me his answer however I'd be interest to know peoples thoughts. All input is welcome.
My salary will be AR$66,000 which works out AS$5,500 per month. Is this enough to live on?
I would like to stay somewhere nice, safe and comfortable. Go out often as possible. Hopefully buy a motorbike whilst out there. And definitely travel too. I would be commited to a 1 year contract.
How much of this would go on day-to-day living expenses right now in BA?
This should give me an idea of what is left over for travel etc.
Cheers! Cam. Edinburgh, Scotland.
all depends really ,,,your rent would probably be around 3,000 ar a month to be comfortable ,,minimum.
if you can live on 800 dollars a month then great .
or you could go for a house share maybe .
all depends on really what you difine as living well
do you need a motorbike or would a moped be acceptible ?
good luck you can make it work if you want to .
Thanks for the fast replies. The job is in Software Development and the company have said that I could rent a "really nice" flat for around AR$1200 per month.
Sounds like this might be bad information at best and a blant lie at worst.
I definitely do not want a house share - and would prefer a spacious 1 or 2 bedroom flat / house which is modern, well furnished, clean, and in a very safe neighbourhood. I am coming from a 6 year old semi-detached house in Scotland with usual mod cons.
Sounds like accomodation will be my main expense in BA and eat up over 50% of my monthly income... bit of a concern.
Thanks! Cam
The salary you're being offered isn't going to meet the expectations you've listed. I pay USD 750 for a 1br apartment here in San Telmo. A 2BR would be over 1000, which would mean you'd be spending over half your salary on rent.

The salary you quote would be considered fantastic by a single Argentine, especially a young Argentine. Most recent university graduates earn no more than 2,000 pesos a month. The problem will be finding housing. You should expect to pay around $750-$1,000 usd a month for a decent one bedroom flat in one of the best parts of town. If you are being employed here, local laws apply. I agree with the poster who suggested that you get a signed contract. The law here requires employers to provide health insurance and to pay a one month bonus (1/2 month pay twice a year). Labor law is very strict in Argentina and strongly in favor of the employee. I have no idea what your situation is, however if the adventure of coming here interests you, I would take the job. There are many expats here who are struggling to make ends meet and who'd love to be in your shoes.
you will need to think about this logically,if your looking for a career here in ba then your salary is around 11,000 uk sterling ,which isnt very attractive at all.
if its the thought of travelling and experience of living in south america for a year then its an excellent opportunity to do so .
be realistic and my advice is go for it ,what do you have to lose and if you dont you,ll always think what if?
make sure you got your air fare home and your laughing .
good luck and stop being a pussy ,,go for it
It's not in general that expensive to find a nice place to live. You just need to look around, ask local people you know. They all know somebody else, who know someone who rents an apartment etc. ;) Of course, there are a ton of apartment agencies in the www, and their prices are rediculous compared to the local income here. I for myself work on a local income and live in a very very nice 1br flat in beautiful Las Canitas for 1,350 Pesos (not Dollars!) incl. all expanses like gas, water... Keep your eyes and ears open all day, it will save you a lot of money. Ok, and a little knowledge of spanish helps even more - obvio. ;-)
Btw, if I would earn your amount of salary, I would be happppppyyy!! Of course, it all depends on your lifestyle etc. I only speak for myself. If I go out 1-2 times a week, buy some food, order lunch at work... I end up spending about 200 Pesos a week. Ok, you have to watch out where you got to and what you buy of course. But for me it works fine, just try some other places like the well known areas where everybody goes to who doesn't know that for the same stuff/food/service you pay less in other areas.Ok ok, just my 2 cents. ;)
Enjoy your time in BA!!!