journalism jobs in BA


Sep 14, 2008
Hi, I am a deputy editor for a financial/business magazine in London with a decade of experience in this field. I am looking into moving to BA for a year or two, and want to find out about the journalism market in BA, everything from salaries, types of jobs open, employers, journalism job agencies or networks, contacts, freelance...
I am a native english speaker but I speak some spanish, have already worked on a two spanish language newspapers writing and interviewing in spanish (in bolivia, 2007) and am studying spanish now so would be a decent level by end 09-10.
I am interested in freelance and permanent, temp and contract work, as well as writing news and features, proofing, editing, planning etc - subjects all business and finance, also arts, music and social issues.
If anyone can give me any advice on how to get started on this in BA or if you're an expat journalist working in BA willing to your experience, I'd be very grateful!
Try Craigslist - they do advertise there - as the employment will be informal. your expectations in terms of pay...downwards.
and there varios projects/free news papers - one is called 'Argentimes' I think - run by student/interns - probably way below the experience you have stated.