Just arrived ,, Go the pumas


Apr 8, 2009
Just arriving in BA , i will be studying Spanish for 12mths, i am from Sydney. My background is real estate and development .
all the best
I know you Aussie's are all sports mad but what on eartth is that??
Hi Cameron,

Welcome to BA!

I also have no idea what Kettlebell training is but I do have a big group of guy friends that get together to play soccer and basketball and some of them play paddle and rugby. Send me a message and I can connect you to them if interested!

Thanks for response Kirst , its old school training .....a russian ball (weight) in which you swing ,, no tea pots
thank you for the reply ,, that would be great to get involved with some sports , thanks Oxente
Does anybody or do any gyms offer kettlebell training ?:eek::confused:

Strange people!! All the kettles here have whistles.:D
Cameron -- as you can see from the responses the kettleball trend has yet to land in Argentina! I have subscriptions to Fitness mags from home so know exactly what you're talking about. I have yet to see them, although perhaps there are some high-end exclusive gyms that are up on the trend? All I know is that my gym only got a swiss ball (and I mean 'a' as in ONE) about 4 months ago. They also keep it in the pilates room and don't allow anyone else to touch it. In fact, they don't seem to know what to do with it. I'm tempted to show them...

My gym has no balance boards, bosu balls, medicine balls, nothing, so kettlebells are far off. HOWEVER, they are old not new technology so maybe you're tactic should be to find a gym that hasn't been updated in years, lol!

Anyway most people here workout the same way they did in the 80s. At my gym I know that a lot of the people look at me funny when I do dynamic excercises or use the cables for something other than a strict pulldown...

My gym doesn't even have a decline bench... it is a pretty sucky gym even though it costs 90 pesos a month (I refuse to pay megathlon fees). I have had to modify my workouts to fit with the equipment they have. You can get pretty creative and manage to do a decent workout even without the same equipment as you might find at home.
I love Kettleball and must say that it is the only form of training that I have found excellent on old and tired joints and wonderful for overall muscle strength, suppleness and development, particularly core strength - my pops taught me and picked up this art in the 1950s and he is the fittest 78 year old I know! This type of training requires great form, and careful, intelligent movement to benefit most and avoid injury. Should you unearth a PI with both the knowhow and equipment I am in!