Just arrived in BA


Hi all,
I´ve just arrived in Buenos Aires from the UK, I´m a 32 year old female travelling on my own and I don´t know anyone in the city yet! I´m planning to stay for around 4 months to learn Spanish. If anybody fancies meeting up for a drink then it would be good to hear from you.
best wishes Angela


Hi Angie, 2nite at Sugar Bar a friend of mine is having a birthday party + we saying buy to one of the bartenders.... It's just off the corner of Armenia y Costa Rica... I should be there around 12. Ask Matt the owner (English guy/owner/dj, jumping around the computer)..where is Chris :)


hiya angie
i'm here for the same reason, have some friends in town and are planning on goinging to Mint later tonight, pre-club theres a great little tango show at Bandola just off plaza serrano which kicks off at 10pm. if you care call me 1162555082

cheers rick