Oct 28, 2006
Most of you will probably read the first sentence of this post and move on. Anyway, MMA (mixed martial arts) is gaining in popularity. There is this guy on the internet, KIMBO, who bare knuckle fights with people......and, all except for once, totally destroys them. Well, him and Ray Mecer, a former heavyweight champion boxer, are set to fight on June 23rd on PPV using MMA rules. Some friends and I really want to watch this. Now that the ALAMO is closed, we don´t know if this is possible. Maybe we can order it through cable vision (we have digital cable vision), but we would rather watch on a big tv at a bar somewhere. Anyone know of a place that regularly orders boxing etc. PPV?
PS If you enjoy boxing/MMA/K1, you might want to google KIMBO. It´s funny to watch this animal go berserk on poor little guys who don´t know what they are getting into.
Those who want to check that link out pleast note that you'll have to either manually type it in or copy and paste it since clicking on it won't do no good. On another note though I think that it's sort of a shame that people are excited about this fight since Ray Mercer has never won an MMA fight and there does not even excist any indication that he is a good boxer anymore but he has been very inactive lately and his last fight was a knockout loss two years ago.
There is a Ray vs Jorge rematch on I havnt watched yet, but shoud be good....
I'm looking for a bar to watch UFC as well, please let me know if you have ne luck!
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