Kindle Screen Broke. Repair Service? Anyone Selling Theirs?


Aug 7, 2012
Last night I left my 3 year old kindle on my bed and I placed my hand on it for a sec, and now the screen won´t work. I read that you can buy a replacement screen and fix it yourself. I´m guesing that there is no Kindle repair places out there, but if anyone knows of one or how to get a replacement screen, please let me know. If anyone is coming down and could bring one, please let me know (of course this happens the day AFTER my parents head back to the states!)
If not, I am open to buying a used one--my last one had a keyboard so I will be fine with an older model.
I know that new kindles are available here for $1330 pesos and up, but wanted to see if any cheaper options are out there. thanks!
The ones with a keyboard have terribly fragile screens.
No idea about people repairing them here but it looks relatively straight forwards apart from the screen being fragile.

good luck importing the e-ink screen though!

My wife's kindle broke 3-4 weeks after we got it, it was under warranty still so we sent it off to amazon to be repaired. when fedex delivered the replacement we had to pay $$$ in tax for the replacement. After complaining to amazon they eventually gave us the money back in amazon credit. So if you buy lots of books this might be a way of doing it. Although i doubt fedex can deliver stuff to your door like this anymore.
I was quoted 2000 pesos (online) for an iPad 2 screen repair.

Decided to live with the cracks for a while longer.
Last night I left my 3 year old kindle on my bed and I placed my hand on it for a sec, and now the screen won´t work.

I am a kindle addict but have found mine can be a bit temperamental in high temperatures and/or humidity. As you haven't said you actually cracked the screen, but just that it won't work, you might like to experiment with it a bit before you give up on it. I often find that turning the kindle off for a while resets something - and then it goes again when I turn it back on.

Good luck
La Fleur
I believe that you reset the older kindle by holding the on/off switch for a long time (see Amazon Kindle web site). Reseting might work. Also maybe contact Josh (MacDaddy) with a PM. He was going to bring in some phone screens. Don't know if that included Kindle screes.

In Malabia St near Corrientes Av there are two shops that repair notebooks,etc.
Check them out!