Kite runner.. or Mr Nice for Papillon


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Hey there anyone want to swap my book Papillon for the kite runner or mr nice.. Papillon is a great book, true story about prison break in south america..



There is some controversy regarding the book whether its fact or fiction. Papillon's publisher is reported to have said the work was originally submitted as a work of fiction, but was changed to an autobiography at his direction(thought it would sell more books).Doubt this will ever be 100% resolved, but the book is a very good read none the less.


There was a sequel to "Papillon," titled "Banco." The protagonist seems to have been a French petty criminal lowlife. The film, with Dustin Hoffmann and Steve McQueen, was as faithful to the book as is possible with the medium.
"Kite Runner" is rubbish, and selling well only because it's set in Afghanistan.