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So, in the states I buy kitty litter that is roughly the size of rock salt, only flatter. The main thing I've come to appreciate about it since living in BsAs is that it forms clumps whenever and wherever my cat makes something in it, facilitating easy disposal of offending cat waste with a slotted scoop. The stuff my girlfriend gets for her cat here appears to be salvaged concrete rubble from a construction site. It does not clump. One time I went to a vet store and explained my predicament in my mediocre castellano and they sold me a box of expensive European sand. Seriously: it was just sand. Her cat loved it, but it didn't clump either and it seemed overpriced to me for just being sand.

Long explanation for a simple question: Does anybody know where I can get the cat litter I've grown accustomed to?
Kitty litter here is made of clay and formed into gravel sized rocks. There is not a wide variety of this product here. When we were doing construction on our apartment, the workers had brought in many bags of sand to mix concrete, well my cat Billy got a hold of it and loved doing his business in the sand instead of the catbox. I considered buying 50KG bags of sand instead of kitty litter because my cat was so smitten with playing in the sand and a 50KG bag of sand costs 20 pesos and a 2KG bag of kitty litter costs 7 pesos, but sand is messy and my cat was tracking it all over the apartment, so I stick with the kitty litter.

you can also get the "wooden" pellet style ones that turns into sawdust when wet.
We were used to clumping litter in the US and tried a few brands over here too but it was not the same and too messy with little bits and pieces all over the kitchen. Switched to Absorsol Alta Gamma, black packaging: it's not clumping but the coarse structure (less mess outside the box) absorbs liquids and keeps odors at bay for at least a week. Better price than the clumping litter too, about 18ARS for a bag of 4 kilo.
There are several piedritas aglomerantes. I buy some that are tiny pebbles, not sand, for about $28 pesos per bag and they last two weeks. There is an imported brand called Lazy Cat with silica that actually does neutralize the odor with clear crystals rather than sand or rocky pebbles. They're supposed to last a month since you don't actually have to scoop the urine out. It forms a thin hard layer on the bottom of the tray with no odor. A bag only lasts me two to three weeks and the price varies from $40 to $60 pesos per bag depending on where you buy. If you try them and like them, buy several bags at once since they're imported and often the vets run out and you have to wait a month for them to get more in.
Thanks to all for the longest run of helpful, pragmatic, non-snarky answers I've ever seen on a thread in this forum! I'll look around and see what I can find, armed with these new insights. :D


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I use Stone Cat, it clumps up pretty good. But I honestly can't compare it to anything from the US cause back home I lived in the country with outdoor cats and never had to use a litter box before.

I got the Lazy Cat blue crystally litter mentioned above and liked it but honestly didn't want to spend 60 pesos when Stone Cat costs 20 for the same amount and lasts the same amount of time for me.