Landing Card Issue to Fly out of EZE


Sep 23, 2005
I am sure someone knows the answer to this, so please help me out, I am stressed.

I am here in BA for six weeks (love it, btw) and I went on a day trip to Colonia.

Here is my possible problem, or do I have a problem?

Upon leaving on Buquebus, Argentine immigration took my STAMPED LANDING CARD that I received when I arrive at EZE.

(I think this might have been a mistake on their part, not sure)

OK, coming back to BA from Colonia, no new landing card offered, STAMPED, or otherwise.

No when I go to EZE airport I do not have a landing card to give them. I talked to immigration back in BA at the Boquebus office but language was a problem, they suggested I fill out a blank form, but would not stamp it, and said several times, NO PROBLEMA.

So, please if you have had the experience of flying out of EZE without a stamped landing card, is this OK, or do I need to deal with this somewhere else before going to the airport?

Thanks in advance for calming me down.
It is not that I am desperate to leave Arg, but missing my flight and having to go to a hotel would be very expensive and stressful.
If your tallking about the card they have you fill out wihen arrinving and leaving....NO PROBLEMA!.....I always losed those...they just have you fill out if its not what I'm thinking.....then I'm not really sure!
The card I'm talking about asks for flight number and carrier, your address, passport number....thats about it....
What Paul says is absolutely true. I've left the country at least twice without that card. They just make you fill out a new one.
Yes, indeed!

It is true.
I had no problem not having the landing card.
The replies here calmed me down immediately, so muchos gracias.
The check in counter has fresh ones and they are also located before passport control at Ezezia. There is no need for them to have the original stamp, but if you notice there is space for stamps on the back of the form.

My confusion came from my experiences in Mexico and other countries where lost "tourist cards" can cause a real problem.

I want to mention another topic. When being stamped back into Argentina by Argentinian immigration at Buquebus in Colonia, they only give you a stamp with an ENTRY DATE, but there is no STAY UNTIL date. My understanding, however, is that if you entered originally on a 90 day stay, this new stamp does indeed give you another 90 days.

So I have this question. Given how the Buquebus immigration is basically a mindless stamping machine, couldn't a person with an original 90 day tourist entry stamp go to Colonia for day trip every 3 months for years and years without an immigration officer asking any questions at all about your status in Argentina?

Until recently I assumed that you could go to Uruguay every 3 months to re-new your visa for years with no problem. I have only been here since March and have actually had to return home (San Francisco) twice, so I do not yet have personal experience with the Buquebus.

However, a friend who has been here for about 2 years recently told me that the last time she went to Uruguay, she was hassled by immigration authorities wanting to know what she was doing here. You can't tell them you're working and you can't tell them you are "studying/estudiando" because those things require more than a tourist Visa. It is, apparently, ok to tell them you are "learning/aprendiendo" Spanish.

She got through ok, especially after she told them she is here because of her Argentine boyfriend--go figure. But she also saw them yell at a girl who appeared to be Asian and tell her she had to pay extra money to re-enter. This is likely just a tactic to get money out of unsuspecting foreigners, because they finally backed down when the woman stood up for herself and insisted that they were wrong. All of that said, I don't know if it's a real problem or not, but it may just depend on who's working the immigration counter that day.