Languaje exchange - hangout buddy?


Hello there,

I am looking for a conversation partner and / or a hangout buddy.

I am a local guy (32) so I can help you with your Spanish if you are interested. I need to improve my pronunciation, so I am looking for an american English native speaker to hang out with.

"Intercambios" over a coffee have become kind of boring to me. I tried and discovered that walking around is one of the best way to do it. Different topics keep springing up as you walk around because of all of the things going on around you. Open to other ideas and willing to try anything of course!

I also enjoy joining a couple or a group for a drink, pizza, an icecream...

I've met really cool people over the past few years and this keeps happening for good. Drop me a line if interested!



my apt land line is 4831 3511
dont have a cell yet
message me and we can hang out sometime soon
im 24 and from the states