Legal Complaint against Cristina for Accusing Macri of Connections with Italian Mafia

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During her recent visit to Havana CFK accused Macri and his ancestors ancestors having connections with the Italian Mafia, and persecuting her daughter. CFK claims are deemed to be racist and Italophobic.
CFK must be laughing all the way...!

"CFK our vice president would have violated "norms established in the Law of Ethics in the Exercise of Public Function and in the Code of Ethics of Public Function".

The entity ensures in its complaint that the claims are
"racist" and "italophobic" Cristina Kirchner "contradicts the constitutional foundations" and "aggravates an ethnic group of particular and transcendent importance in the construction of the Nation."

"The use, by the CFKl, of discriminatory expressions, negatively impacts the democratic order. Attempts against equality. But in addition, the denounced statements, as they constitute an attempt to disqualify, from another State power, the numerous criminal proceedings in which Ms. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is involved, they violate the division of powers and, therefore, the republican order, "he adds.



I only glanced at the article, but I suppose CFK is trying to draw a parallel between Mafia loan sharking, supposed Macri family Mafia connections, and Macri borrowing from the IMF?

This, combined with her recent statement that Argentina won't repay half a cent to the IMF until the economy improves through state intervention, doesn't help a whole lot with debt renegotiation and Argentina's risk rating. Unless the two Fernándezes are playing a game of good cop bad cop . . . ?


Argentines hate trump but look at this asshole VP they have. Same same but different.
They do have many similarities. Their twitter rants, hatred of the press, rallies, economic nationalism, revel in conflict with political opponents, there is a conspiracy of the "deep state" against both of them in their minds, value loyalty above all else, non-pc when it comes to race, the list goes on...

Rich One

From Cuba she started a quarrel with the FMI , when negotiations are about to start in BA. Doubt Alberto can keep her under reins ..! Just starting the first quarter...! OMG..