Legal Documents


May 26, 2006
To really enjoy Argentina you should have all the proper documents.
This includes ( but is not all inclusive ) a permanent or temporay visa. Your DNI, a CUIL and some papers that can show you have been paying water, heat or phone.
Mr. Gabriel Celano can obtain these for you without any hassels. If you already have a Visa he can get your DNI in 40 days.
He is an excellent lawyer and speaks english very well doing business here in in the USA.
I am recommending him because I was sent to him after others took me for a ride financially and mentally. He got mine in just 38 days.
Please call him at Cell 15 4400 9278 or Office 4342 9433 in BA
or visit his office at 634 Belgrano , 2nd flr A y B
joe dennie
"steveinbsas" said:
I did get the CDI from AFIP to buy an apartment. That took less than 20 minutes (arriving an hour before they unlocked the doors) and I also did it alone, speaking a minimum of Spanish. You'll need a second certificado de domicilio for this purpose .
What is a CDI and what can it be used for more specifically?