Legal Guidance in Argentina


Oct 19, 2008
For any individuals or companies having difficulties charting the bureaucracy in Argentina, I would like to offer my professional service as a qualified Argentine lawyer.

Having been abroad on several occasions I am very familiar with all the challenges a foreigner has to face from language, legalities, lack of transparency and so on.

In particular, knowing personally the difficulties non-nationals can have establishing themselves here, I can offer a dependable service to guide, accompany and assist you with everything from arranging residency, purchasing property or helping individuals or companies with the 'monotributo' system, etc.

Please contact me here should you have any questions.

Un saludo cordial,

Hi there,

You mentioned in your post that you would be able to assist with monotributo. I am European working in Buenos Aires as a freelancer for a few international companies. As they want to pay me through their local offices, I need to legalise myself as a monotributo.

Its a complicated process, in particular in my case, but I have gotten through most of the stages so far, just to hit some stumblings blocks now with the social insurance element and to finalise everything.

As can often be the case here, I know by reading all the information what I need to do is possible but when you go to the applicable AFIP office etc, people baulk at your requests and it can take a phenomenal amount of time to finalise everything.

Do you think you could assist me with this process and if possible also accompany me to the office. As I have seen in cases before, when you have a national with you, in particular a lawyer, they seem to suddenly understand everything and expedite the whole process.

If you can do this and if your rates are equitable, it would save me a lot of time which I could better use working.

Please inform me as soon as you can.

Sure I can assist you with this, I am currently helping someone go through exactly that process. Please send me a pm and we will sort through the details.
can you contact me? what are your rates? Can you help with issues of property? residency permits?