Legalizations and Translations Migraciones?


Mar 13, 2020
Greetings all,

As I prepare for my residency appointment with migraciones I want to ensure I have all my paperwork in order. I had to submit most of these documents previously for my precaria and I've already read through the official government site but I have a few questions. As some of you may have gone through this process recently in the Covid-era and have up to date info about what is actually happening vs. what the website says, any tips would be appreciated.

Which documents require legalizations?

I have the following:

1. Local ARG certificate of domicilio
2. Local ARG antecedentes penales
3. The foreign antecedentes penales that covers the last 4 years from a Spanish speaking country with apostille of the Hague convention
4. Copy of the page in my passport showing my entry into the country
5. Original page with pension information (not in Spanish), as well as the apostille of the Hague convention.

Its my understanding that only #5 would require a translation and then a legalization of said translations. Is that accurate? Am I missing anything else?
#5 is correct. The docs need translation and legalization.
Yep The number 5 requires translation by a matriculated translator and legalization by the colegio de traductores publicos.
If you are in Palermo I have a contact for a translator - she is very reliable and honest, I have known her and worked with her for 4 years.
Depending on her schedule she might even do the legalization for you, so you won't have to stand in line there.
PM me if you need a contact.
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I have a translator. I have used her for years. She is conscientious and reasonably priced. She works with a moto that for less than $1, takes documents from your house to her house, to the Colegio de Traductors for the sello and back again. PM for contact.