Italian Embassy In Argentina - Need Translations Approved


Jan 25, 2012
This process is breaking me down. Hope someone knows the answer to this.

I qualify for jure sanguinis in Italy to get dual citizenship. I'm doing this out of the Philly Italy Consulate office as my residency is from PA. I'm in the states right now, not in Argentina.

My M-GM is from Italy. My father is from Argentina. My M-GM, M-GF, and my parents were married in Argentina. My father was born in Argentina. I've had to get several documents from Argentina. I have them all, translated, and apostile. I got them from and have them in my hand.

Here's the issue: I need the translations approved by the Italian Embassy in Argentina as stated here The company I used to get my documents from Argentina are not providing much help and don't seem to understand that I need them to get their translations approved there. On top of all that, I also need a paper from Argentina stating that my mother nor my grandmother were ever citizens of Argentina plus all of that translated to Italian and approved at Italian Embassy.

So I'm stuck. From what I'm understanding on this page I need the person who translated the documents to appear at the embassy and get them approved. The thing is the company doesn't care nor understand that this needs to be done.

What do I do? Anyone know someone in BA that can help me get these documents approved? These are among the final things I need and it's killing me.

At the risk of being jumped upon from a great height by others on here and accused of pro-Italian political correctness (joke from a previous thread dont bother to look it up) I'll ask an Italian speaking qualified Bs As lawyer I know whether she would be interested in assisting.

Can you send me a message with contact details setting out what is required and I'm happy to forward?
Hi Skylab. I went on January to process my Italian Citizenship (in argentina) and I had luck, it was approved. I have to wait around a year to have everything verified, but I don't have to deal anymore with papers. I have been with this for a few years and I understand the pain and frustration you must be feeling. It is a battle of wills, keep fighting and you will eventually break them! Because I understand what you are going through, I wanted to give you a hand with what I can. I hope you understand a little bit of spanish (or Italian). Just for the record, I'm not from the States, so my citizenship process was different.

In the Consulate Office in Buenos Aires, you don't need to have the translations certified by the "Colegio de Traductores de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires" any more. This was done in the past, but not now as it was changed. That's why I think no one is understanding your problem, it is not making sense to them. There is a message at the Consulate saying that now that process is done by them, you only need to have the translation done by a certified Italian translator, but you do not have to get this approved by this Argentinean College. You only need to give them the translations and that's it, no need to do anything else (or pay for it). They handle this internally, no need to get this certified by the consulate first. This message can be found here.

Now, in this link, there is information about the services that this consulate provides. One of them is the one I think you need, called Legalización de Actos (Legalization of Acts/Documents). You have the instructions there and what they are going to ask you (or the person you want to send) to provide. Digging a little bit further, I see that you will need to create an account here (Prenota Online) to ask for an appointment. The option is called "Notarile/Navigazione". There are appointments available all days, I can schedule one right now for monday for example. Other options, such as Cittadinanza (to process the citizenship if you are from Argentina), are only available for a period of 6 months.. and they are taken in a matter of hours every time they are released. They don't say when this is going to be open, so you have to check the site everyday.. if you miss your window of opportunity there is nothing to do. You will not have to deal with this as the appointments are every day, you dogged a bullet there!

The other paper that you are talking about it's called "Constancia de No Naturalizacion", at least that's the one it seems you are talking about. It basically says that the person with the information you provided, is not found in the records of the country as an argentinean. At least here, the Consulate says this paper is only valid for 6-months, not sure if they are going to say to you the same there. There is more information here, at the official site on how to obtain it. When I went to do my citizenship to the Consulate, they told me I needed this paper and they sent me back. They gave me a letter saying that there were requesting that (with all the information of, in my case, my grandfather). I went to this office with this letter, a stamp that I had to buy in a Bank (around the corner, I think it was like 10-15 pesos, or 3 usd) and they took those (they didn't check my translations, originals, documents, nothing) telling me I had to come in about 2/3 weeks (they put the date in another paper) to get it.

That was it, it wasn't as hard as I thought. Perhaps you will have luck too, take it easy, they only want to give Citizenships to those that trully want it. Just take it slow, one step at a time.

Wow! Thank you so much guys! Incredibly helpful information.

Chris-- Because the paperwork comes from Argentina, I need the translations approved by the Italian Embassy in BA for the Italian Embassy in the US to accept them. So since I last posted my thread here, I called the Italian Embassy in BA and explained my issue. Took awhile to find the correct number and person to talk to. They told me I can send anyone to the embassy as long as I write the relationship with the person who is going. So that's good news.
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction for the other paperwork! I'm going to look into that now and book an appointment. I need to find out if someone else can go though.

Thanks PhilinBSAS! I got the email and just about the respond back.