Let's Get Wonky or Just The Facts Ma'am


Ever been told that your opinion of Argentina's political and economic policies didn't count for much because you "Don't know Argentina's history?" Ever tired of the almost superstitious reasoning on the part of Expat and Porteño alike? If so here are two papers you might find interesting [1,2]. I found the second paper listed absolutely riveting, BTW.

If you have links to scholarly papers, data-sets, books, etc., please feel free to post them to this thread.

Competitiveness and Growth in Argentina: Appropriability, Misallocation or Disengagement? [1]

Export-Oriented Populism: Commodities and Coalitions in Argentina. [2]

[1] http://www.aeaweb.org/aea/conference/program/retrieve.php?pdfid=26

[2] http://npr.berkeley.edu/Richardson_eop.pdf


Very interesting, but one of these papers is from people of fundación mediterránea?
Not a good source.