Liniers Cattle Auction


Mar 12, 2010
Looking to visit the largest Cattle auction in the world. I would like to connect with someone who understands the cattle industry in Argentina and is able to explain the auction process while the activity is going on...Please contact me if you have this understanding about the Liniers Cattle Auction. I would be happy to pay for your time ...if you are able to provide informative actionable information.

Kind Regards,

Kyle Lease
According to this the auctions start at 7am and last until 11am. Afterwards the buyers load the cattle onto trucks.
I found these people who organise tours (I have no idea who/how they are). Some parts of their website are in English.
Otherwise you could contact the información turística de la ciudad:

[email protected]


Plaza San Martín Dirección: Florida y Marcelo T. de Alvear Barrio: Retiro Horarios: Lunes a sábados de 10 a 18 hs.
Puerto Madero Dirección: A. Moreau de Justo 200
(Dique 4) Barrio: Puerto Madero
(54 11) 4315 4265 Horarios: lunes a domingos y feriados de 9.30 a 19.30 hs. En este centro también se ofrece información de la ciudad de Montevideo, Uruguay.
Retiro Dirección: Av. Antártida Argentina (Terminal de ómnibus Local 83) Barrio: Retiro
( 54 11) 4313 0187 Horarios: lunes a domingos y feriados de 7.30 a 19 hs.
The third possibility would be to just go there and engage the people in conversation. People from the campo are usually very humble and very friendly.
I would like to join because I am very curious to go the auction
I have one connection with a local person, and I could interpret for you if you would like to. The main action takes place at around 7.00 am, and there is an entrance fee of 20 pesos. Send a PM for further info.
How about this monday morning...suggest a meeting place. Let's put an informal tour together...whoever shows up great.

This Monday...Please confirm
I´ll be waiting to hear the meeting place. I am not completely settled here, don´t have internet at home yet but will try to get back to a computer before Monday. I am interested in seeing this as well.