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You can try some language events like mundolingo. Though the age range may be somewhat broad there.

Never had a bad time at Mundo Lingo. Friday nights at Trova wine bar in Palermo are usually packed with a divers crowd, young and old (majority maybe 25 to 40). The events are posted on meetups.com


Mara BA, you mentioned milongas; do you dance tango? I've danced with many milongueros that I'm happy to dance with again but rarely have I been interested in knowing them off the dance floor. For years, I've gone to milongas to dance, not looking for romance. However, magic struck a few years ago during one tanda and after a few weeks of attending some of the same milongas, this very fine Porteño invited me to dinner and soon became my novio. It's a very deep and satisfying relationship. You can find this on the dance floor. Just don't try hard. :) If you enjoy culture, I'd also recommend going alone or with friends to interesting cultural events; as you know, this city is a goldmine for arts and culture! You never know where magic will strike, whether it's with a local guy or an expat.


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the lady says she has lived abroad for some time and now she's back find she does not connect with local men anymore, no conecta, no hay conexión, she has changed by the experience of leaving abroad and now she cant find in local men the one that clicks on her. Men should respect that instead of critize her opinion.