London violinist plays Bach for charity


Jun 6, 2005
Does anybody want to help to organize his performances by any chance?-------------------------

(reposted - an email from Jane Davies)

My husband David Juritz, lead violinist of the London Mozart Players, is currently busking around the world (playing solo Bach), raising money and awareness of Musequality a charity to raise funds for music projects in deprived areas. Our first project is at the Tender Talents Magnet School for aids orphans in Kampala. He is travelling to South America this month. At the moment this is his pencilled itinerary is as follows:

Sun 16 Sept Leave LA
Mon 17 Sept Buenos Aires He would love to play some Piazzola with a Tango group!
Tue 18 Sept Buenos Aires
Wed 19 Sept Montevideo
Thus 20 Sept Rio
Fri 21 Sept Rio
Sat 22 Sept Rio
Sun 23-26 Caracas (he will visit El Sistema)

I wonder if you could help in any way. We have found that personal recommendations really do make a difference. Introductions to music lovers and people in the know make a difference between success and failure!

David realises that busking is not a option in many areas but he has been busking in foyers, playing in private concerts, small and large, talking and playing to schools etc. Anything in fact that will support the charity and raise some publicity. He would also like to visit other music projects working with disadvantaged kids.

So far he has had an excellent media response from all the countries he has
visited, with TV and radio interviews aand newspaper coverage

David is currently in Japan having just left China where he has had a good response.

If you have any ex pats with ideas or contacts that might be able to help please let me know.

Thank you

Jane (wife)

More info:

We have lots of photographs on the site which you are welcome to use should you wish to promote David