Long Term Rental


Mar 17, 2009
Hi all.

I will be moving to Buenos Aires in late August (09). I am looking to settle PERMANENTLY in Buenos Aires, but am not yet ready to buy a place.

I am looking for an apartment between $350-$450/mo that is two bedrooms. (is this even possible) in the Captial Federal district (preferably in Reclota, central, Barrio Norte, San Telmo) I am not really interested in Palermo, but not too picky!

I have been living internationally for 4 years, and have previously visited Buenos Aires. I am bi-lingual, hold degree in English, and another degree in Secondary Education....am coming out with no job but have a decent amount of savings.
I spent 2 years in Colombia, but am more suited for life in Buenos Aires. Any help anyone can offer on employement and housing would be much appreciated. I am also a certified teacher and hope to eventually get a job at the International School in BA For the mean time I can do anything for editing, copy writing, English lessons, to Beginning Spanish lessons. I am also do some travel writing.

Kindest Regards!
I think it´s impossible to rent a 2 BR apartment for $350-$450/mo in in Reclota, Barrio Norte or even San Telmo... but you might rent a nice room for that price.
I saw your post and agree with AliAlex, it is practically impossible to find anywhere with two bedroom in these areas. The reason I say this is because we have been looking for the same thing. We are going to be living in BA permanently and found it very difficult to find anything half decent that costs less than 800 dollars. We are paying 900 dollars in Belgrano.
I noticed that you are looking for a job in an International school. I have a job in an International school but it took A LOT of sorting out. It might be easier to find jobs in Secondary Education but bear in mind that you will need a working visa. These are offered by the school in most cases but I think you have to leave the country to do do it. Don't quote me on that though, it's just my experience.
I hope this helps are your organising, let me know if you need any help as I know how you feel!
I've only been here for a month and have realized that everyone here is being charged three times the actual local value.

Yes, small two bedroom apartments do run $300 usd if you're Argentine.

Also, if you're paying that much for just a room, how does it feel to be paying for someone else's rent?
Not sure thats quite true Les.

Short term rentals cost more, but there's a minimum price quality property in good areas rents for.

Plus long term rent generally won't include gastos or other bills. Factor in the cost of everything and you can sometimes find exceptional deals with short term rentals done on a longterm basis....
You can get very good deals ( or at least get the non tourist price ) if you can pay 6 months upfront and talking to the landlords, then again you gotta have a very good command of the language to do that.
Well, with some discretion, of course.

I know of locals in neighborhoods like Villa Ortuzar, Belgrano, Villa Crespo who pay less than than u$d 300 for two bedroom apartments in safe neighborhoods. Now, really, how much do utilities cost to warrant that steep of a difference?
I pay less than half the tourist rate for my place.

But on top of rent I have to pay building rates, utilities, cable, internet, the flat was unfurnished and I had to pay a letting agent fee. It doesn't work out being that much cheaper, but if you're here long term its more comfortable and more secure having your own place with your own stuff.
Hola raestar:
Is not possible get a regular rent (2 years contract) if you have not DNI (argentine ID) and requirements are stricts about warranties, etc.
Your option is a temporary rent, you know this kind of rent are more expensive, within your budget you can find a studio.
There are a lot of websites to search.

My English is basic sorry!
Good luck!