Looking for a neighborhood


I walk around Abasto/Almagro/VillaCrespo all the time, at night, during the day, never felt the least bit unsafe. We often go to clubs and restaurants there sometimes very late. Like Tangobob, I have been walking that area for ten years. I come out of Matienzo, which is Cordoba and Pringles, at 4 am sometimes, and its quiet and calm. I have come home from Konex, quite late, many times as well- its bit more sketch right in front of the train station in Once, but Corrientes and Pueyrredon at 2am is still little old ladies walking poodles, and the colectivo is full of teenage girls in short skirts- Lots of good restaurants in that zone as well, more and more all the time.
"Not safe" is relative and subjective- All of abasto is a walk in the park compared to downtown LA, Phoenix, SF, Seattle, Chicago, NYC- especially after dark.
I have lived in Caballito since 2004. Very few English-speaking expats reside here. My place is 2 blocks from Parque Rivadavia. It's true that the restaurants are mediocre. Most serve your average ARG dishes. But the proximity to Villa Crespo and Palermo makes it very accessible to a wide variety of eateries, pubs and bars within a 20-30 min bus ride. Cafes are abundant and open until late. There are 2 movie theater complexes. All the banks have a branch within a 5 block area. One can find fruit and vegetable stores on every block as well as a variety of bakeries, rotisseries, ice cream shops, fish, poultry and meat shops, etc. Parque Centenario is 8 blocks away. It's a 45 min car ride to Ezeiza Internat'l Airport.

The neighborhood is the geographic center of CABA and densely populated. The big plus is the availability of public transportation at all hours. There are 2 subway stations of the A Line, Acoyte (2 blocks away) and Primera Junta (4 blocks away). Many bus lines run at all hours which take you to any barrio in the city and Zona Norte without having to make a transfer. It's a safe area. Most streets are well lit. I don't have any qualms coming home on the bus alone after midnight. I frequently do so and walk the 2 blocks to get to my place.
Palermo! Palermo and recoleta are the best neighborhoods. You have all kinds of buses that can get you anywhere and one of the main subway lines (D) which will leave you in microcentro! Plus.. Theres tons of restaurants around the blocks you can find open at night.
Im partial to Las Cañitas myself...fun and hip with lots of trendy cool things like Palermo but with less craziness and more "neighborhoodness". Getting a bit expensive as time goes on though. I have good friends in Caballito and I think its what Palermo was 10-15 years ago...when they first lived there it was like the end of the world...now they have 5 microbrew houses within 5 blocks of their house. Its the new up and coming spot. If you are coming long term its where I would put my money for sure.
Lol this site never changes. "But I walk around 1-11-14 every night, way safer than NYC".

Come to BA, walk around different neighborhoods at night and judge for yourself how full of shit some people are.
As others stated it all depends on your age and how much you want to spend; said that, Villa Crespo / Palermo is a nice area, relatively quiet and safe. Villa Crespo is more family-oriented while Palermo is nowadays the definition of smoke and mirrors, often frequented by Elfs pretending to have a hipster lifestyle living in a fictional 'all is good, life is great in this country' bubble. Take a walk any afternoon and check it by yourself.

I myself would choose Núñez, hands down. Even some parts of Coghlan close to Núñez or Belgrano are nice, and should be cheaper.

In any case be sure to pick a place near a subway station or Metrobus dock.
cig0.... whats an elf? i am older and trying to decide if i fit the description. gotta say, not sure where the bubble article finds english speaking people in palermo. in and out for the last 12 years and yet to get a chance to use english.