Looking for a neighborhood


Coming to BA in a few weeks. Going to look for a place to live. 2 adults .no children. Any suggestions on what area is best? Working in the micro center area. Want to be near restaurants.


this is so subjective. depends on what you like, how old you are, how much money you have, what you eat, whether you have a car, and your luxury quotient.
Parque Rivadavia is a kind of old fashioned upper middle class place, very nice. Villa Crespo is non-tourist urban area, somewhat hipper and younger and more mixed. Chacarita is also an area I would consider, like Villa Crespo more new restaurants, music and art galleries seem to be opening there, but its still far from the bridge and tunnel crowd bars and night life of Palermo.
Two other things.

If you are joining an existing overseas operation of a company from home then others will already have BTDTGTT and will be excellently placed to give you the perspective you need to get started over here. If you are joining a local company the same applies though it may be approached in a different way. If you are coming as a "scout" from a company from home and have no local contacts in your business then demand some breathing space to get organised.

If this is a relatively short-term stay then the consequences of getting the home address "wrong" are not so important and it will be easier to slip in and out of short-term rentals. If you are coming for the long haul then getting stuck with a two-year contract on what turns out to be a totally unsuitable home is not funny: consider, as many people do, spending your first week or so in a hotel or temporary rental or airbnb while you sort out a place you really can call home.
North of The Abasto, very up and coming, you can walk to the Abasto, Villa Crespo and Palermo. The "B" line runs straight into town and there are loads of new bars springing up along Guardia Vieja and Humahuaca. But then I am biased.
I've walked there too without problems but Bajo is right, it's not safe. A couple foreigners will stick out and be a target for robbery. There is no reason to subject themselves to that if they can live in another, safer neighborhood.